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The Box: Uncanny Stories

The Box: Uncanny Stories - Richard Matheson BLUF: Short stories aren’t my thing, but I enjoyed the twisted humor.

Button, Button: Short and sweet instant karma. I would be happy with a full-length novel on this concept. 3 Stars. (Plot: Couple gets a button that, if pushed, would award them a large amount of money in exchange for the death of somebody they do not know.)

The Girl Of My Dreams: Good concept, but only an okay story. I would like a full-length novel based on the woman in this story. 3 Stars. (Plot: About a woman who sees the deaths of others in her dreams and a boyfriend who uses this information maliciously.)

Dying Room Only: It's interesting as you know something is going on, but the end is rather uneventful. 1 Star. (Plot: A woman’s husband disappears at a pit stop. Hysterics ensue.)

A Flourish of Strumpets: Cute, but not very entertaining. 2 Stars. (Plot: About a door-to-door escort type service. Not really sure the proper term lol.)

No Such Thing as a Vampire: Ehh. 2 Stars. (Plot: About a woman who is visited by a vampire during the night.)

Pattern for Survival: Um… okay? 2 Stars. (Plot: Follows a day in the life of the main character.)

Mute: This is one of the longer stories, but very interesting. 2 Stars. (Plot: About a boy whose parents die and who was never taught how to speak.)

The Creeping Terror: Cute, but long winded. 2 Stars. (Plot: About the plague of Los Angeles.)

Shock Wave: I don’t understand the significance of this story. 1 Star. ((Plot: About a church organ that is about to be replaced and the man who has been playing her since the beginning.)

Clothes Make the Man: The story made me LOL. 2 Stars. (Plot: About a man who could not function without his suit.)

The Jazz Machine: The whole poem/jazz writing was hard for me to read. 2 Stars. (Plot: About a bluesman who was approached by another who claimed to understand his song.)

’Tis the Season to Be Jelly: WTF. Another one that was hard for me to read. (Plot: About hillbillies with missing parts.)