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The Narrows (Audio)

The Narrows (Audio) - Michael Connelly, Len Cariou BLUF: Ties up The Poet (Jack McEvoy Book #1)

The Narrows follows detective Hieronymus Bosch as he tries to uncover the truth about his late friend’s heart attack. His late friend, Terry, is a sea charter captain who, in his spare time, helps other agencies solve cases pro bono. In order to solve Terry’s death, Bosch must first determine whether Terry came too close to one of the killers in his files or if his death is closer to home.

Let me preface, this is only the third Michael Connelly story I have read. I started with The Poet and then read The Black Echo. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but all three books go the same way: Main Character comes into knowledge about a case, Main Character forces way into investigation, FBI tries to block main character from investigation, Main Character has relations with FBI Detective which, oh, by the way, gains him access to the case, FBI Detective ends relations, Case ends.

The problem I have with these stories is that I cannot emotionally connect with the characters. Bosch is a notorious pain in the ass that doesn’t care about anybody but himself and, somehow, gets the girl anyways. The girl then, at the end of the book, abruptly ends the relationship as if there was no meaning to it at all. In this book, they have relations once and then they pretend like nothing ever happens. Um, what? Does this happen in real life?

The detective story itself is fine. The book pieces the clues together in a way that keeps you entertained, but not enthralled. This isn’t a thriller; it won’t hook you into the story. It simply provides a resolution to The Poet.