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Little Black Lies

Little Black Lies - Sandra Block BLUF: I didn't see it coming!

I feel quite opposite from other readers. I thought the story was just okay, but the ending was great.

Our main character, Zoe, is a resident in training at a psych ward, who needs quite a bit of psychological help herself. She's imperfect, impractical, and, well, human. It's not so much her story that is interesting in this book as much as it is the hospital and their patients. Zoe's patient Sofia, a ruthless killer, may be set free if Zoe cannot determine a convincing reason against it!

As we delve more into Zoe's subconscious to find the truth about her childhood, we also take steps to uncover the motives behind Sofia's murders. As promised, the story ends with a twist that will (hopefully) catch you as surprised as I was.

*I received this book through GoodRead's First Reads Program*