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The Poet

The Poet - Michael Connelly BLUF: The poet has a slow start, but the wait is well worth it.

Jack McEvoy is a news reporter who has a plum job. He is able to make his own hours and chase his own stories. The topic? Death. Mostly, recent murders. The Poet begins with Jack McEvoy being informed that his brother had committed suicide. This news hits Jack hard; Jack cannot believe it. He won’t believe it. He maps out the night it occurred in order to try to find where the killer could have been. After some research, he’s affirmed. His brother wasn’t just murdered, but he was one in a series of murders. Will Jack be able to solve the case? Will the authorities take him seriously? The Poet takes its’ readers on a ride to the finish, with a few swift turns on the way.

The Poet had a slow start if you consider it as a standalone novel, but considering that it is the first of the series, it is to be expected. The characters in this novel were relatable and the writing style presented a tone that will keep you interested. Like a true thriller, The Poet kept me guessing and I loved it.

I look forward to continuing this series.