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Relentless - Dean Koontz I absolutely adore Dean Koontz's books. Like many other reviewers, I have read much of what he has published.

Relentless, while being a decent read, falls short of what we know, love, and expect from Koontz. There were no twists, oddities, suspense, or intriguing moments and the book was thoroughly happy without bringing the reader any since of fear for the characters or the situations. Dean Koontz tends to bring the reader through spirals of anticipation and captivation, but there was none of that in this book. I love how Koontz typically hooks his readers into obsession with his writings, but Breathless did not follow this trend. This book feels rushed and is unsatisfying. I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to believe that if I want any satisfaction, I'm going to have to start rereading his older books.

On a side note, I realize that Koontz writes canines into his books, typically giving them unnatural abilities, but in this book the dog was unnecessary. Having the dog in this book with the selected abilities makes me wonder if Koontz wrote this book at all. The dog seemed to be stuck in simply because there usually is a dog in Koontz's books, not so much because the dog added to the story. Idk, that along with the shabby ending and weak introduction of characters makes this book feel as if the writer rushed through it simply to meet a deadline. Sorry Koontz.