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I Am Not A Serial Killer

I Am Not A Serial Killer - Dan Wells, John Allen Nelson BLUF: YA is not my thing. (Reader beware: This book includes supernatural elements.)

John Wayne Cleaver is a 15-year-old destined to be a serial killer, but he’s trying to stall his fate. Well, sort of. John Wayne has rules for himself, similar to Dexter, but he’s willing to break them in order to take care of the serial killer who is treading on his home turf. Will John Wayne be able to manage his temptations in order to allow the police to capture the serial killer, or will he take the case into his own hands?

I chose this book because of its’ title and cover. I didn’t realize it was a YA novel until about halfway through the book (Yes, I am THAT slow at putting things together).

I found John Wayne to be interesting concept, but the teenager had insight far past his age. He acted in ways that I wouldn’t imagine a teen to act in - even a sociopathic one. For example, at one point John Wayne tells off a bully in a way that is so wordy and reflective for a boy his age (or even an adult) that it’s difficult to find his character as realistic. On top of this, John Wayne’s mother seems pretty immature, which causes John Wayne to seem even more unrealistic.

That said, I can’t push too hard against the realism of the story – it has supernatural elements. This is another aspect that caught me by surprise. It’s not necessarily a bad turn, but if you are looking for something more realistic, you may want to steer clear.