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Bad Bones

Bad Bones - Graham Marks BLUF: Skip this one.

**I was provided a copy of this book from netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review**

Okay, okay.. I will fess up. I only downloaded this book from netgalley because my boyfriend’s son said the cover looked stupid and I disagreed. I’m sorry – I should have never agreed to review a YA novel as this is one of my least liked genres.

That said, it’s not going to stop me from provided an honest review..

This book is part of the Red Eye series, but is very much a standalone.

The plus side: I enjoy the author’s writing style. I found that this style moved the story forward and there’s a good chance I would enjoy his books under different circumstances

The not-so-good side: I didn’t care about the characters in this book. The main character makes so many poor choices - it’s unreal. (I don’t know anybody who would feel comfortable taking jewelry off of a dead person, even if that dead person is now a skeleton. That is just the start of his poor decisions that I truly cannot understand.) The lead female character is left as a mystery. She is somewhat explained, but she seemed apathetic towards the main character despite being there for him. The best friend is completely ignored, but showed more emotion and caring than the other two characters, which is a shame because he was the least mentioned.

As for my boyfriend’s son.. I wouldn’t be opposed to him reading this book, but I know it would absolutely drive him crazy. He would yell at the main character for his stupid decisions while, at the same time, criticize him for not punching the bad guy in the face. (Take this with a grain of salt: He’s ten, thinks he can take out a bear up with a knife, prefers non-fiction, and only reads if you absolutely force him to.)

Overall, I didn’t enjoy the story or make sense of the characters.