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The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly: A Physician's First Year

The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly: A Physician's First Year - Matt   McCarthy BLUF: Humorous insight into another’s profession and/or the difficult years of being an intern/resident.

Let me start out with acknowledging that the author isn’t always truthful in his accounts and has a history of embellishing his stories with events that didn’t actually happen. If you’re looking for an accurate account, this may bother you and you may want to research the author and his controversy before cracking this book open. If you’re okay with the idea that this account may not be entirely truthful, you’re in for a treat.

I didn’t know anything about this book when I picked it. It was simply one of the new books on my OverDrive library, described as being a humorous account of a doctor’s resident years. Well, this book is exactly that.

We follow Matt McCarthy through his first years on the job at a training hospital. As expected, there are many ups and downs in this novel, from interactions with patients and other residents to the trauma that a patient’s death causes to the insecurity one feels being new in a field that requires experience.

It’s amazing how well the writer can take an everyday life story and transform it into something captivating. This book is an emotional and entertaining read.