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August: Osage County

August: Osage County - Tracy Letts BLUF: Play about a self-destructing family.

Not convinced? Here is the break down of characters (note: daughters not in age order)

Father – drunk
Mother – drug abuser
Daughter 1 – not good enough
Daughter 2 – control freak
Daughter 3 – depressed & naive
Granddaughter – drug user
Grandson – waste of life

The whole dysfunctional family concept is not entertaining to me. At all. I get enough crazy between my family and the hubby’s, I don’t need to read about too.

This play did not let up the arguments, cheap jabs at each other, or any of the other punches a family can throw. If that’s not enough, you get incestual hints and pedophiles too.

Act I: Relationship background & Beverly ventures off
Act II: Bev is found and put to rest
Act III: General family drama

In the end, I understand that this play is a social commentary, but it’s not my kind of read (or watch..).