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The Orphan Master's Son (Audio)

The Orphan Master's Son (Audio) - Adam Johnson, Tim Kang, Josiah D. Lee, James Kyson Lee BLUF: I would not recommend this book simply because it is monotonous; however, I enjoyed the (fictional or not) insight into a country much different than our own.

"Ga thought about reminding the dear leader that they lived in a land where people had been trained to accept any reality presented to them. He considered sharing how there was only one penalty, the ultimate one, for questioning reality. How a citizen could fall into great jeopardy for simply noticing that realities had changed."

I have been holding off on review this book, hoping that time would help me wrap my head around how I feel about it. It hasn't.

Overall, I feel indifferent. I am left with a life to think about, which historical fiction (or whatever you would call this) tends to do to me, but I'm not better or worse for reading it.

Why three stars? This book intrigued me from the start. The loudspeaker making announcements to the people hooked me. The story was too life like for me, yet I could not put the story down. The last half of the book dragged for me, but I felt that the end was worth the pain. (The end was the only point of the book I actually felt emotion for/towards any of the characters!)