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Bloodlines - Lynn Lipinski BLUF: Steady paced murder mystery with realistic characters and relationships.

**I was provided a copy of this book from netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review**

Zane, a recovering alcoholic, was fired from work. After a night of being black out drunk, Zane wakes to learn that his mother has been killed in a fire. Shortly after, Zane receives a strange text suggesting that his mother was not who she said she was. Zane and his sister, Lettie, search to find the truth surrounding their mother and uncover more than they bargain for.

I chose this book because I enjoy narrators who are try to uncover the truth, even if the truth shows that they are at fault for something unthinkable. This book is so much more than what its’ (or my) overview can convey.

I found this book to hold a perfect pace. It’s not fast or slow – its realistic. The pace unfolds the story in a natural, unrushed way. The relationships between characters were very realistic as well. Because of this, the reader will quickly feel familiar with and root for the characters.

I definitely recommend this book for those who are looking for a murder mystery with loveable, but realistic characters. The author writes in a way that will keep your attention and I plan on reading more from her in the near future.

The downfalls of this book, and please understand that these take little to nothing away from the book, are that the end is wrapped up very quickly. It’s well done and leaves the reader feeling complete and content, but it would have been nice for something more drawn out. Also, it felt like the surprises were evenly spaced in the book, leaving the reader to realize that a twist was coming shortly, even if they weren’t certain what it would be. I realize these factors will be turnoffs for some readers so I figured I would be honest and give those readers a warning. If these two concepts don’t phase you, well, you’re in for a treat!