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Too Many White Men

Too Many White Men - J.G. Alt Genre: Contemporary Satire

BLUF: Good writing, interesting story, but I don’t like the genre. If you’re into these types of stories, don’t let my inability to get past the genre cloud your decision to read this book.

Dan Wilson is a good man who has been worn down by movement to be “Politically Correct”. He never had high goals and is content being a strong, mid-level manager. Dan feels of little to no value to the world, as his employer not only fails to appreciate his good leadership, but also disciplines him for not praising his poor. On top of being undervalued at work, Dan is fighting against charges that he had participated in a hate crime. He didn’t. The case is ridiculous. Yet, Dan is just one of “too many white men” and he is set up to be an example against all the other white men. Dan takes us through the ups and downs of the weeks from after the incident through the trial, including his whirlwind romance.

If you like satire, you will enjoy this book. If you like realistic stories, you will enjoy this book. Personally, I enjoy satire and I enjoyed the overall story, but I do not like how realistic this story is. When I say that, I mean that I don’t like stories that travel through day-to-day experiences. (I use books to avoid reality.) Because of this, the story dragged for me.

Oh. I’m a little “innocent” when it comes to cursing and offensive language. Dan Wilson’s woman is ball of offensiveness.

So, for me, the story could be slow/mundane at times and Dan’s woman is offensive, but I enjoyed the overall concept. Like I said, it’s not my genre.